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Podcasting Production

With our documents and assets organized, we are ready to start recording our podcast. This video will show you how to set-up Adobe Audition and record your podcast with your preferred microphone.

Making a “studio” in 5 minutes

Synopsis: This video contains recommendations on how to prepare your space to get better audio recordings.
Duration: 1 minute

Pre-Recording Checklist

Your recording conditions are ideal when:

  1. You have selected and prepared the best location to record:
  • Free of unexpected noises.
  • With minimal echo and reverberation.
  • Close to noise-absorbent materials, like cushions and pillows.
  • With windows and drapery closed.
  1. You have tested and selected the best recording device available to you.

Recording audio on your phone

Synopsis: This video contains the steps to record audio with your phone. Listen to your audio recording and determine if your phone offers the best recording quality. If not, consider the more advanced Audition computer recording workflow.
Duration: 1 minute

Recording audio on your computer

Synopsis: This video contains the steps to record audio with Adobe Audition. This workshop will show you how to test different microphones to select the best tool available to you.
Duration: 4 minutes

Best Practices

  • Take notes about your recording conditions so that you can replicate or avoid them in future recordings.
  • It is a good strategy to record at least 30 seconds of silence to capture the “room tone.” Here is a good primer on room tone.