Podcasting Pre-Production

Synopsis: Podcasts start with planning and the best time to do this is before you start your project, in the pre-production phase. Your instructor will let you know if they have a preference for a fully developed script or if they would like you to speak off of points, a Q/A with a guest speaker, etc. Either way, you will need to plan your podcast, obtain music and SFXs, and organize them in a project folder. 

File management is an essential part of realizing this task. When practiced, it can reduce problems like missing audio links, failed exports, mixdowns (files before mastering) that can’t be altered in the future, all points that add stress to any production experience.
Duration: 2 minutes


If you’d like to follow along with the tutorial, please download these files:

Pre-Production Checklist

The pre-production process would be complete when you have done the following:

  1. Gathered your documents and assets (pro tip: pick these before you record any voice-overs as their tempo will help you modulate your own).
  2. Created a project folder and name it carefully (example: ChanJasmine_CMNxyz_CommTalks).
  3. Created subfolders to organize your assets.
    1. Parent Folder
      1. Music
      2. Podcast
      3. Script
      4. Stinger
  4. Considered renaming your assets as you deem fit to identify them quickly.

File Management

  • When you create your audition project, you will save it in this project folder. One folder will contain all your documents and assets.
  • You can back up, compress, and share this folder with your team members.
  • Do not rename your project folders or assets after creating an Audition file since this will break Audition’s links.
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