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Podcasting Post-Production with Panopto Hosting

We will bring our audio voice-over into the multitrack’s timeline interface to mix it with background music and stingers. We will save this multitrack session for future revisions. Finally, we will compress a .mp3. 


1. These steps are optional and would vary according to the requirements of your assignments and your instructor’s expectations.

2. We are working with Adobe Audition, but this workflow can be used in other audio editing workstations like Audacity or Soundtrap.

Project set up

Synopsis: We will bring our audio to the workspace and create a multitrack session. We will save our .sesx file.

Duration: 1 minute

Bringing assets into the multitrack session

Synopsis: We will organize our audio in the multitrack session. This placing will give us a rough order of how our audio will play together.

Duration: 1 minute

Performing a rough cut

Synopsis: We will remove unwanted audio using the razor blade tool.
Duration: 2 minutes

Applying tags

Synopsis: We will apply tags to simplify the audio mixing and editing process. Tags will let the Adobe software know how the different audio clips will interact with each other.
Duration: 1 minute

Adjusting the volume

Synopsis: We will adjust the clip volume levels using the VU meter and the tagging system tools. You can adjust the master volume level after you have set volume preferences for the individual clips.
Duration: 1:30 minutes

Voice cleaning and enhancing

Synopsis: Sometimes, our recording environment isn’t ideal, and we’ll need to enhance audio recordings before using them in a podcast. These steps will show you how to use the Essential Sound panel tools to clean and enhance your audio.

Duration: 2 minutes

Working with our background music

Synopsis: We will use the Essential Sound panel tools to edit our music and audio effects. Special attention will be given to the audio ducking feature to vary clip volume levels.

Duration: 2 minutes

Fade in and fade out

Synopsis: We’ll use the fade tool to fade up from silence into our clip.
Duration: 1:30 minutes

Review and export

Synopsis: We will assess our podcast. Remember, the most important part of the podcast is your voice, so don’t let the background music cover it over. If available, listen with headphones and speakers. After listening to our audio and correcting problematic audio clips, we can export our .mp3 file.

Duration: 1minute

Publishing to Panopto

Synopsis: Once your podcast has been recorded and edited, sharing it is your next major mission. 

Duration: 2 minutes