, your creative technology journey starts right here.

As a ProCom student, you have access to a long lineup of exclusive resources. This list will continue to grow as the semester unfolds. procom students collaborate in the practicum centre space

ProCom students have access to the following perks:

Setup Adobe CC

We’ve developed a quick tutorial to help you update your computer: Prepare my Computer for Adobe CC If you’re certain that you have a freshly-updated OS installed (and lots of hard drive space cleared!!!), download the Adobe apps: Install Adobe CC Photoshop, illustrator, acrobat, indesign, xd, premiere, after effects, lightroom, dimension, dreamweaver, audition

Creative Technology Training

CMN 313: Organizational Problem Solving & Report Writing

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BA Year 4
working with papers on a website wireframe

CMN 480/490: Research Website & Design Tools

Explore how to design a research website to meet the needs of your desired audiences.

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BA Year 2

CMN 448: Design and Illustration Tools

You will learn the basics of Miro, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign within a Professional Communication context.

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BA Year 2

CMN 222: Web and Interaction Design Tools

Explore essential web design skills and experience design tools.

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BA Elective

CMN 316: Python + Data Tools

Beginner level python and data visualization training.

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Final product of Photoshop project

CMN 210: Text, Image, and Sound Tools

A beginner-level introduction to sound, image and text tools in the Adobe CC suite.

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Room Reservations

RCC 203 classroom photo from student perspective ProCom students and faculty can reserve dedicated ProCom spaces in RCC 370. Each has been equipped with bookable workstations, laptop chargers, group work screens, and other perks customized for ProCom. Book RCC 370 Workspace

Get Help from ProCom Technology staff

In-class Ask a Workshop Question Drop-ins Office Hours Email In-class All ProCom required courses have an open lab / studio time linked to them. This gives you an open forum where you can seek technical guidance from staff. We can’t promote this resource enough – this is the best time to meet with us and you’ll always get instant results. Ask a Workshop Question Outside of class, use the Ask ProCom feature embedded inside each online workshop module to ask staff/peers straightforward questions. We’ll respond in 24-48 hours –often less– from Monday – Friday. Drop-ins Drop-in office hours are offered on a first-come-first-served basis at the following times:

  • Tues: 10 am to 1 pm at 362B.
  • Wed: 10 am to 1 pm at 362B.
  • Thurs: 10 am to 1 pm at 362B.
  • Fri: 10 am to 1 pm at 362B.

Office Hours Office hours can be booked on your personal dashboard page, here. Email If your question is of a private nature,  email us, or, better yet, use the course-specific email address that your instructor included in your course syllabus. We generally take 24-48 business hours to respond to requests. Be sure to paste a screenshot  (cmd + shift + 4) into your email that captures your question. Ask a Question

My Skills Certifications

ProCom students will soon be able to collect Certification badges can be integrated into their LinkedIn Profiles. Initial offerings will include:

  • Field Recording and Production
  • Adobe CC Fundamentals
  • Professional Writing in ProCom
  • Web Design

Each certificate will be digitally signed by The School of Professional Communication using the CanCred platform.

Equipment Access

Remember, in addition to the Creative School’s shared equipment pool (Canon T5i cameras, Zoom H4N recorders, production laptops,…) ProCom Students have exclusive access to a separate catalogue.

  1. Sony A6300 Cameras
  2. Sony RX100 cameras
  3. Zoom F1 Recorders (lav mic included)
  4. Zoom H6 (Stereo XY and shotgun mics available)
  5. Ring lights

View ProCom Equipment Catalogue How do I book Equipment??? EDC Cage Hours