As a ProCom student, you can access the following workshops at any point in your degree. If you see anything missing / or want to improve something, just let us know.

Workshops awaiting you

CMN 313: Organizational Problem Solving & Report Writing

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Digital Skills for ProCom Students

This module introduces you to essential digital skills to prepare accessible document, impact slide presentations, etc...

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BA Year 4
working with papers on a website wireframe

CMN 480/490: Research Website & Design Tools

Explore how to design a research website to meet the needs of your desired audiences.

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Essential Skill

Podcasting with Audition

Learn podcast production in 3 simple steps.

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BA Year 2

CMN 448: Design and Illustration Tools

You will learn the basics of Miro, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign within a Professional Communication context.

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PC 8101 – Podcast Workshop

Learn the 3 basic steps needed to produce a great podcast.

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BA Year 2

CMN 222: Web and Interaction Design Tools

Explore essential web design skills and experience design tools.

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PC 8006 – Document Design – Fall 2022

Explore Adobe XD, PhotoShop, Illustrator and InDesign.

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LinkedIn Skills Badge

Verified Presenter Certification

A badge available to anyone who wants to take their online presentations to the next level.

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BA Elective

CMN 316: Python + Data Tools

Beginner level python and data visualization training.

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Final product of Photoshop project

CMN 210: Text, Image, and Sound Tools

A beginner-level introduction to sound, image and text tools in the Adobe CC suite.

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