fleXlab 1: RCC 205

360º Tour


  • Room Automation: Simple webcasting using using the room’s Crestron Touch panel
  • Instructor lavalier microphone: a compact Rode Wireless Go mic
  • Seminar / audience audio pickup (for remote learners): Vaddio Echo Canceling Ceiling Pods
  • Camera: A Sony SRG-300H camera with pan, tilt, zoom presets activated via the Crestron Touch panel.
  • Wireless screen projection via Apple TV Airplay screen sharing (for registered ProCom students, email James if you have external guests)

Use this resource to

  • Host graduate classes of up to 32 students
  • Adapt the furniture layout to your pedagogical needs
  • Webcast or record classes

Available to

ProCom Faculty

Instructions & Documentation


  • Zoom users: if you are playing audio for a remote live audience, we suggest muting the microphone to avoid an ear-piercing feedback loop. We also suggest turning on “echo cancelation” in Zoom.
  • Have laptop users sit away from the microphones (their keyboard clicks will be very audible).

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