Portable Lecture Capture Studio

Portable Lecture Capture Studio

No less than 48 hours before you need the equipment, please request this equipment using this request form.

Use this resource to

  • Stream lectures live / synchronously or record them for future asynchronous distribution.
  • Capture high quality audio for high accuracy closed captions.


  • 2-5 minutes of setup time is typically required for this kit.
  • A “soft codec” workflow that does not require any specific piece of software to run. This kit works with Zoom, Panopto capture, MS Teams, and many others.
  • The included OBSbot Me tripod automatically follows the presenter.
  • The included Logitech Brio 4k camera mounted on top of the tripod works very well in low light environments.
  • Presenters can expect high quality audio capture using Rode Wireless Go II lavaliere microphones (included) and an audience mic (can be requested).

Available to

ProCom Faculty

Instructions & Documentation


The following cheatsheet has been developed for in-class use. To have the camera track you, either press the tracking button for 3 seconds or hold your hand up like so: raise your hand to have the camera track you