Use this resource to

  • Quickly record video, audio, and screen capture
  • Securely share video with approved users of your choosing
  • Makes live events available to large audiences. After an event has ended, edit Panopto’s automatic recording to meet your needs.


Quickly Record Video

  • You can record your audio, webcam image, and screen directly from your web browser.
  • Use the automatic camera operator feature to follow you as you present.
  • See a preview of your screen as you record.
  • Panopto is software agnostic and doesn’t care if you use keynote, Google slides or any other tool, it simply captures what you want it to.

Selectively Share Video

  • Stream a scheduled event live and use the automatic recording that is created. You can even create multiple versions for different audiences.
  • Students can submit presentations into an assignment folder that is either shared with the instructor or the entire class.
  • Share links to videos in advance of events.
  • Re-use content across multiple courses


Search Video Content

  • All Panopto videos are automatically provided with machined-generated closed captions.
  • You can use the search functionality within Panpoto to jump to the content you need in a presentation (slides, speaker closed captions).
  • Panopto’s privacy settings means your video content won’t accidentally appear in someone else’s Google search.

Create with Confidence

  • Quick editing features and a preview after you’ve completed your recording allow you to present your best self.
  • Control who may see your content with and decide whether you want to permit viewers to download copies.
  • Panopto is a fully supported product. We pay yearly license fees in order to guarantee access and timely support to ProCom instructors and students.

Available to

ProCom students
D2L authorized courses


Can’t capture audio and/or your screen from your Mac? You may need to unblock access with this guide.