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Students enrolled in ProCom advanced technology courses have access to specialized resources. Select your course on the right side bar or top tool bar to view equipment & studio offerings, tutorials, and options for getting in-person technology help.


Specialized Courses require Specialized Technology


This website offers technology tutorials and guides on a variety of subjects you will find useful throughout your studies. In addition to these guides, specialized technology support staff for the School of Professional Communications are available to assist you along the way. ProCom Course Technology Advisors Steve Lewin and James Loney can help you navigate through the technology needs of your courses. Visit the get help section of this web site for further information on how to get in touch and get the technology support you need.




Asana task management software allows you and your team to stay organized and achieve the best results by assigning tasks and tracking progress for your team.

Panopto presentation software allows for streamlined lecture and presentation recording, screencasting, and voice over screen recording to make your presentation available outside the classroom. Visit FCAD’s Panopto to record video presentations, manage your video files, stream your content, and more.

ProCom Blogs allows you to create websites and blogs within ProCom’s WordPress system, but offers many features that go beyond those included from WordPress. Authorized users can log in with their existing CAS account.



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