Each September, ProCom students are given a small print credit for use in the RCC 370 Practicum Centre. This credit isn’t meant to replace your home printer, but it is a good option for impromptu print jobs. To top off your account with additional funds, you can purchase additional credits from a Ryerson One Card machine (instruction guide).

  1. Log in to with your Ryerson username and password.
  2. Click Web Print > Submit a Job.
  3. Look for your current room number (the system will still charge you if you accidentally print to another room!).
  4. Click 2. Print Options and Account Selection. Continue the process, as prompted.
  5. You must release your job in order for it to print out! To do so, click Jobs Pending Release and click the Release All to print your documents.
  6. In addition, you can release your prints manually on the printer. Swipe your OneCard with the magnetic stripe facing towards you to log into the printer. Press the Print Release Button and release your prints.
  7. You can also have your print stapled if you print from the iMacs around the RCC370 pillar and follow the below GIF:

Scan from RCC 370:

  1. Login/swipe your OneCard with the magnetic stripe facing towards you on the printer
  2. Press the Email button.
  3. Enter an email address in under recipient.
  4. Place the document that you want to scan onto the scanner or user the feeder on top if you’re scanning multiple pages. 
  5. Select either single or double-sided based on what you are scanning.
  6. Tap Send and Finish.

RCC 370 users:

If you print from one of the iMacs around the centre pillar, you can decide whether or not to staple, print single- or double-sided. Just use the system printer from File > Print and look under advanced printing options (please note: staple will appear under finishing options).