Specialized Courses require Specialized Technology

Advanced Technology ProCom courses have access to dedicated ProCom Technology staff, specialized production hardware, and customized tutorials. This site allows you to browse resource by course or facility. Use procomtechnology.ca to arrange one-on-one support from ProCom Technology staff, book facilities and equipment, or access information on software offers and web services available in ProCom courses.



Course Technology Help


ProCom Technology staff are available to assist you with your course-related technology questions. Steve Lewin and James Loney are happy to connect with you to ensure that you’re receiving the support you want.

Reserve Equipment and Facilities



Students in ProCom courses have access to specialized equipment, software and facilities to support course learning objectives. Equipment can be checked out from the RCC 166 Equipment Distribution Centre. Specialized facilities including a green screen studio, personal production suites, and conference rooms can also be reserved for course-related needs.

Check out our Facility information page for rooms accessible to select ProCom courses.
Check out our Equipment Distribution Centre Quickstart guide for equipment reservations and FCAD shared facility access.

Technology Resources and Documentation


ProCom students and faculty have access to specialized equipment including cameras, microphones, field recorders, laptops, tablets and other equipment and accessories. Featured equipment includes 4K Sony Cameras, Canon DSLRs, Zoom field recorders and microphones, MacBooks (with the full Adobe Creative Cloud suite), iPads, and other professional equipment and accessories. For more information, check out our equipment inventory (with tutorials)

Online Tools and Resources

Panopto is our presentation capture and video sharing system. Hosted on-site, Panopto offers a secure way to share high quality video content with authorized users.
Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft Office is available free of charge to all full and part-time Ryerson students. Eligible users can download and install Office 365 on up to 5 PCs or Macs and on other mobile devices, including Android, iPad, and Windows tablets. Office 365 includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more.
ProCom students are given a print credit and unlimited scanning functionality in the RCC 370 Practicum Centre. At the beginning of the year, all student accounts are loaded up with funds based on the academic programs they are enrolled in. Users then have the option to further top off their accounts from a Ryerson One Card machine
Whether you’re trying to learning Adobe Premiere basics or get a handle on project management basics, Lynda.com is a great resource with videos and files that you can follow along with at your own pace. Videos range from basic introduction to programs like PhotoShop and Premiere to advanced uses of specific features. This is a free to all Ryerson students. Sign up here with your @ryerson.ca email address.
While Ryerson’s license does not cover the Adobe Creative Cloud suite for students, Adobe does offer a discounted version of their software for students.
ProCom Blogs
ProCom Blogs allows you to create websites and blogs within ProCom’s WordPress network. ProCom Blogs offers many features and plugins that go beyond the basic WordPress.com website.
Some courses make use of ProCom forms, an online speech evaluation system. Only access this resource if your course instructor has requested that you do so.