fleXlab1 (RCC205): Instructor Guide

 Podium Computer

fleXlab 1 is now a Mac-only facility. Use your FCAD username and password to log into the Podium Mac. On the Desktop, you will find shortcuts to all common applications (PowerPoint, Chrome, my.ryerson.ca, Panopto). Also on the desktop, you will also find a direct link to this documentation page (see below).podium mac deskop

To access files off of a USB key, simply plug it into the top of the podium. The USB key will automatically appear on the desktop. Once the class is over, you may eject it by right-clicking on its icon > Eject. For your convenience, a PowerPoint/Keynote slide clicker has been connected to the Mac.

Always log off the podium Mac from the Apple menu (top left), but never shutdown this computer. Volume levels should always be controlled via the Podium touch screen menu.

Presentation file formats:

The podium Mac has both PowerPoint and Keynote to support student and faculty presentation requirements. Modern versions of PowerPoint are compatible between Mac and PC platforms. A prepared presenter will always have a backup, so either save your presentation as a PDF or use a tool like Google Drive ready to deliver your presentation.

On a visual formatting note, when creating your presentation, be sure to choose the widescreen or 16:9 format option. Not doing so will create a presentation that does not utilize the entire screen space (example below):


Presentation Technology

Note: on occasion, the Podium may distort the projected image. If you ever experience this, simply use the touch panel to change over to the document camera for a second and then click Mac. This trick refreshes the system.

Caution: the projector is set to automatically turn itself off after 1 hour of inactivity. Be sure to turn off the podium system when you are done your lecture, leaving it on for the next instructor will cause the system to turn itself off.

Screen Sharing:

To view the presenter’s screen on your laptop, using the following link. Don’t forget to go full screen by maximizing the window. James can provide the join.me password


The podium computer can print to the ProCom photocopier. Just use your employee number pin to release jobs at the copier.

Laptop Cart

Students are encouraged to bring their own laptops to class, if they desire. Classes booked into fleXlab 1 have access to 20 laptops. Our 2014-15 laptop pilot project makes us confident that this is the perfect inventory level. But if you ever encounter laptop supply issues, email procomhelp@ryerson.ca immediately with your concerns so we can arrange for more units to be added.

The laptop procedures are as follows:

  1. First, email James Loney to request access to the laptop cart. Set the 4-digit combination on the laptop cart padlock and push down on the lock to unlock the cart. Please do not share this code with anyone.
  2. It is advised that instructors collect students’ Ryerson One Cards before providing students with laptops for class use.
  3. When returning laptops, ensure that they are stowed into the next available compartment in the laptop cart. Be sure to connect the charger cable.
  4. To re-engage the lock, compress the top and bottom, then scramble the numbers.