CMN 450

CMN450, Participatory Media and Communication, makes extensive use of media production technology housed inside the RCC. All students, including those outside of FCAD, have access to the resources documented below.


  • RCC 166 Equipment Distribution Centre (“The Cage”) – access here
  • RCC 346 Personal Production suites – access via link here or book at the cage, RCC 166
  • RCC 359A / 359B iMac production labs – can be accessed whenever they are not being used for classes (including weekends). Login with your FCAD username and password (temporarily set to your student number for you first login).


Via the cage, you have access to:

  • Sony RX100/RX100 Mark 2 cameras
  • SD Cards
  • Room booking (for the above facilities)
  • Nessie USB microphones
  • Zoom H4N portable audio recorders


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