CMN 210

CMN 210 – Text, Image, and Sound makes use of image editing software, audio editing software and blogging platforms.



Throughout the course, you’ll make regular use of video tutorials (sign up instructions here) and the RCC 166 FCAD Equipment Distribution Centre (borrowing policy and more information here). Applications of these particular resources are discussed below.

Audio Editing:

We’ll utilize Zoom H4N recorders to capture spoken and natural sound. You can sign them out from from the cage in RCC 166, information here. A video tutorial on these devices follows.

Adobe Audition is available in the FCAD labs (RCC 359A, RCC 359B) as well as the bookable Production Laptops in the RCC 166 EDC. has a great Adobe Audition CC Tutorial, but you’ll be provided with an in-class demonstration tailored to the course content. Here’s a recording of the session I gave in-class.

Image Editing:

Adobe Photoshop CC will be our tool of choice for the image editing portion of the course. It has been loaded onto all FCAD computers (RCC 359A, RCC 359B, bookable production laptops in RCC 166). You’ll be provided with a customized in-class demonstration of Photoshop, but also has a great tutorial containing additional information. You can also access Sony RX100 cameras + memory cards from the RCC 166 cage.

In-class Photoshop Tutorial

Follow-up to in-class demonstration: how to alter a specific colour in Photoshop


You’ll use for all course blog posts. has a number of great introductory resources on WordPress. Pick and choose from anything that you’d like more information on:

WordPress Basics
    1. Accessing your WordPress site 
    2. Using the WordPress Dashboard 
    3. Using the WordPress toolbar 
    1. Understanding the difference between posts and pages 
    2. Creating a new post 
    3. Comparing and restoring old versions with Revisions 
    4. Publishing posts 
    5. Defining post formats 
    1. Creating a basic page 
    2. Using page templates 
    3. Organizing page hierarchy 
    1. Understanding how WordPress handles media content 
    1. Using a custom header image