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Uploading videos to Panopto

This guide will summarize how to upload a video that you’ve created into Panopto. How to upload a video to Panopto Log in to Click on the ‘Create‘ button on the top of the page and select the ‘Upload media‘. 3. In the “Add files to” panel you can select your course folder and… Read More »

Getting started

Panopto is a secure Ryerson-hosted presentation recording and distribution system. It is critical that you log into Panopto before your first class. Estimated completion time: < 2 mins Register: Before class starts, login to Login with your Ryerson credentials. To receive email notifications, choose: username > User Settings and check “Send me notifications when… Read More »

Panopto in RCC 205

Please verify the following settings to ensure your Panopto recording is of usable quality.     Step 1: Log into Panopto Go to your browser (Google Chrome) and log into using your Ryerson credentials. Go to and select: Create>Record a new session Step 2: Set up the camera and microphone Check that all… Read More »

Video Making + Adobe Rush

What to consider when making a video: Pre-Production Script Storyboard Equipment Production Lighting Rule of thirds Post-Production Editing: Adobe Premier Rush Pre-Production Preparation period. You have to: Prepare a script You don’t have to follow the main script format, but having your content planned out will make a difference. Practice reading your ideas out-loud before… Read More »

How to create custom stamps for Snapchat

Creating your stamp Adding a custom stamp to the Snapchat system can be fun and engaging. Now with geofilters Snapchat allows you to upload a stamp to their system that users load at a specific location and time. Snapchat offers some templates and a system to create your own, but in this post we are… Read More »

WordPress: privacy settings

By design, WordPress blogs are inherently public. However, has additional privacy controls for you to limit how accessible your blog is to others. To change these from your blog dashboard, click Settings > Reading.   Next, you must select a privacy option for your blog site. Note: if your class is using an aggregator blog,… Read More »

WordPress Starter Guide: Registration and blog

All students enrolled in CMN288 will automatically have access to WordPress. Step 1 But before you can access WordPress, you need to check your email inbox for an invitation to Be sure to click the provided link in the welcome email and change your password after you login. It is highly suggested that you make… Read More »

WordPress: Editorial workflow

EditFlow offers several features to help you communicate with your team and facilitate campaign planning. It allows you to organize your users into groups to mimic and reflect real organizational structure. Once the groups are established, you can keep track of each post’s publishing workflow. To integrate edit flow: Step 1: Add Users and Groups… Read More »

WordPress: Adding a portfolio to your blog

Nimble Portfolio is used to build media galleries that showcase your design work, photography, filmography, or any other project you wish to display on your WordPress website. To integrate Nimble Portfolio, navigate to: Step 1: Set portfolio filters The NimblePortfolio tab is found along the left sidebar on your WordPress dashboard. Hover the mouse over… Read More »