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Exporting video in Premiere Pro

As with Adobe Audition, a Premiere project can’t just be uploaded to WordPress or another video hosting platform. The following tutorial reviews the basics of compression for the web and provides you with the necessary background information to select the best settings for your web video. Note: ProCom courses typically use h.264 with YouTube 720p (low resolution) or… Read More »

Introduction to audio/sound fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of audio theory in this Panopto video. James Loney discusses sound as a concept, monitoring levels, recording conditions, microphone polar patterns, available recording equipment, and how to achieve optimal recordings that require little editing in post-production.

Premiere Shortcuts

Learn some useful shortcuts and tricks on how to be more proficient with Adobe’s Premiere. Learn out to rearrange clips, create multiple cuts, and other shortcuts that will cut down your editing time.

In-class Activity: Adobe Audition

  CMN 450: Adobe Audition Activity Outside of Adobe Audition (preparation): From the finder, make a new folder under Documents call it Audio Activity Find the files in the demo activity folder and copy them to the above folder.   Navigating Audition Open Audition. Create a new multitrack session and link it to the above… Read More »

Adobe Creative Cloud: Purchasing options for non-Ryerson computers

ProCom courses do not require students to purchase a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud. However, a small portion of our student population does find this option appealing. Information on a month-to-month Adobe Creative Cloud subscription is available here. We advise not purchasing a subscription until shortly before you need it to start assignments. Finally, a… Read More »