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Adobe Creative Cloud: Purchasing options for non-Ryerson computers

ProCom courses do not require students to purchase a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud. However, a small portion of our student population does find this option appealing. Information on a month-to-month Adobe Creative Cloud subscription is available here. We advise not purchasing a subscription until shortly before you need it to start assignments. Finally, a… Read More »

Registering for

All students in FCAD courses have free access to, a professional video training database with videos and files that you can follow along with at your own pace. Videos range from basic introduction to programs like PhotoShop and Premiere to advanced uses of specific features. Topics such as business negotiation, presentation skills and project… Read More »

Tutorial: InDesign Page Management

Managing pages and their ordering in InDesign requires a bit of background information. Consults these two resources before creating your InDeign layouts:

Tutorial: Creating a Print-ready PDF

Adobe PhotoShop can save basic PDFs, but these PDFs are poorly-suited for uploading to the web (they are meant for local use on your computer only). To generate web and print PDFs, you must use a tool like Adobe InDesign to compress a PDF meant for your target destination. Typically, the”high quality PDF preset” is selected as it… Read More »

PowerPoint setup

All ProCom fleXlabs make use of modern high definition, widescreen projection technology. The screens in these rooms provide presenters with additional space to hold images and text that would not be available with the legacy 4:3 format. By default, PowerPoint does not utilize this newer widescreen technology. To create a presentation that fills the entire screen, follow these… Read More »