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RCC 374 Audio Recording Workflow

This workflow will enabled RCC 374 users to record meetings and calls to an SD card. For optimal recording quality, move the conference phone system to the centre of the boardroom table.

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LIB 386A: ProCom fleXlab 3

25 Revisions fleXlab 3 (LIB 386A) is a ProCom-owned teaching space located in the Library Building. This facility can quickly move between lecture and lab configurations. Please email for all technology- and booking-related concerns. Room features include Space Features 36 mobile tablet chairs 3x whiteboard surfaces, including one projectable whiteboard surface1x fixed projector screen +… Read More »

Speech Evaluation workflow

ProCom Evaluation Forms is web-based presentation evaluation tool developed for ProCom by FCAD. At the current time, the project is only available to select beta testers.

RCC 205: ProCom fleXlab 1

fleXlab 1 (RCC 205) is a ProCom-owned teaching space that can quickly move between lecture and lab configurations. Please email for all technology- and booking-related questions. Room features include: Space Features: 29 mobile tablet arm chairs2 swivel guest chairsGenerous power placement around the perimeter of the room, including power in the centre of the… Read More »

RCC 203: ProCom fleXlab 2

Do you need technology help? This lab is managed and supported by ProCom Technology.  Please contact or x. 552594 for assistance. fleXlab 2 is a flexible teaching space that can move between lecture and lab configurations. It features modular wheeled furniture, tabletop power for laptops and generous wifi reception. Please email with any booking-… Read More »

RCC 370: ProCom Practicum Centre

The ProCom Practicum Centre (RCC 370) is a technology-enhanced collaboration space designed exclusively for ProCom undergraduate and graduate students. In addition to serving as a collaboration space, the facility is a community space designed for students to use between classes. RCC 370 is a collection of rooms accessible to ProCom students 24/7 by way of their OneCard. On… Read More »