InDesign II – PC 8006

By | October 18, 2019


In this second workshop for InDesign we will:

  • Learn about character and paragraph editing
  • Save text formatting as a paragraph style.
  • Use multiple pages
  • Use master pages
  • Set margins and columns
  • Wrap text around objects

NOTE: If you have trouble figuring out where the menu items we are using are, go to Help to search for them quickly.

Editing Characters and Paragraphs

NOTE: Text properties appear when you select your text with the text tool. 

  • Character formatting applies to a selected text or frame. Character formatting options includes font and font size, and you can access more by clicking the three dots next to the panel.
  • Paragraph formatting applies formatting the paragraph as a unit. You can access more options by clicking the three dots next to the panel.

Save text formatting as a style

When you work with text style, Updating becomes easy. Updating a text style will update all text with that same style applied. 

  • To make a new style, click in the text and then click the Create Style button. Be sure to rename your new style.
  • To apply a paragraph style, insert the cursor in a paragraph and select one of the styles in the Properties panel>Text style. 

Edit text styles

  • You can easily update the formatting of your style by clicking the redefine Style icon.
  • Any text with the style applied will update.

Navigate pages in a document

  • To navigate to a specific page, double-click the page thumbnail in the Pages panel.
  • You can also navigate between the pages in the Status bar below.

Edit pages

  • To create a new page, click the Create New Page icon.
  • To duplicate a page, drag its thumbnail it to the Create New Page icon.
  • Drag the pages thumbnails to reorder them in the document.
  • To delete a selected page, Select its thumbnail and click the trash can icon.

Master page

A master page is a document template. Objects placed on a master page will appear on the pages based on that master page. 

  • You can apply a master page to a page by dragging its icon into that page icon
  • To edit, choose the master page from the Page menu in the Properties panel.

Set margins and columns

Margins and columns are non-printing and help you frame content. 

  • You set the Margins and Column for each page
  • To change the setting for all pages, use the master page that affects them.
  • Select the page and choose Layout > Margins and Columns.

Wrap text around objects

Text wrap is applied to the object being wrapped, not the text:

  • With the Selection tool, select the object you want to wrap text around. 
  • In the Properties panel, click the desired wrap option.
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