Video Making + Adobe Rush

By | October 8, 2019

What to consider when making a video:

  • Pre-Production
    • Script
    • Storyboard
    • Equipment
  • Production
    • Lighting
    • Rule of thirds
  • Post-Production
    • Editing: Adobe Premier Rush


Preparation period. You have to:

  • Prepare a script

You don’t have to follow the main script format, but having your content planned out will make a difference. Practice reading your ideas out-loud before going in front of the camera.

  • Break it down to individual scenes with storyboards

You don’t have to be Rembrandt to be able to transmit ideas trough imagery. Planning out your shoot and the framing of your subject beforehand will save valuable time during production.

  • Select visual effects

Having main ideas highlighted on the screen helps getting your message across. Consider using graphics to accompany your video.

  • Select the locations, props, clothing

Jewel tones look great on camera! it also helps the viewer to trust in your message.

  • Select and reserve equipment

To select equipment and watch tutorials please reference:

Here at ProCom we have an amazing selection of equipment. Our mirrorless cameras offer ready to use video recording and are easy to use.

Audio is incredibly important! and having audio equipment must be a priority. Do not use the built in microphone on your camera equipment. If you are doing voice over, we recommend using the Media Production Booth at our Practicum Centre.

Stability also plays a role in the overall quality of your video, so consider using a tripod. Light is also important since it affects how the colours are being read by the camera.


Consider where are you placing your subject (or yourself). The rule of thirds is a general rule in filmmaking that tells us to position important items in the intersections of our 3×3 grid.

And be aware of your background.


We are going to use Adobe Premier Rush because it is super intuitive!

  • Adding and positioning clips is a drag-and-drop process.
  • You can use clips, images, and motion graphics.
  • You can adjust colour and exposure
  • You can add colour-grading filters or use the sliders to adjust exposure and colour.
  • There are title screens and motion graphics available

Audio Editing

  • Add your audio clip (music track or a voice over)
  • Premiere Rush has an AI used to help make your audio sound better
  • Auto ducking Fades your music track when your video has dialog
  • background noise removal tool with one slider you can adjust the intensity