CMN 210 (CI) Resources

By | September 23, 2019

CMN 210 – Text, Image, and Sound makes use of image editing software, audio editing software and blogging tools. All hardware resources are distributed from the RCC 166 FCAD Equipment Distribution Centre. Reference the menu below to find more about the equipment available to you and how to access them.

What Equipment Can I Sign Out?

Resources include as selection of cameras, microphones, computers, tablets, and field recording devices. The following items are available for reservation:

  • Canon T5i DSLR camera
  • ZOOM H4n field audio recorder
  • Microphones (case-by-base basis, subject to cage staff approval)
  • MacBook Pro laptop computers

For further resource information/guides, consult the resources documentation library.


How to Reserve Equipment

Cage Information and Hours  Online Equipment Reservations

To make an online reservation and see equipment availability, login to our web-based booking system here. Before using the system, know that:

  • 90% of our resources are available online
  • Your first reservation must be made in the EDC so that you can sign-off on our Liability form
  • You will only be able to see resources that you are authorized to access
  • This is a reservation request, if you do not receive a confirmation email assume your reservation as not been accepted
  • Reservation request can be submitted up to 1 hour prior to your pickup time

A help guide on the above system is also available.

Equipment Pickups

Resources can also be booked in-person at the cage, RCC 166. Information on the cage, including hours of operation, can be accessed here.

Note: students agree to an equipment lending policy when they pick up equipment. Fines are charge for late or damaged equipment. Any late fines will result in grades being withheld.


Many course tutorials can be found on this web site by searching or by viewing our posts for CMN 210

Extensive tutorials from are also available for free to all Ryerson students. is a great resource with videos and files that you can follow along with at your own pace. Videos range from basic introduction to programs like PhotoShop and Premiere to advanced uses of specific features. Sign up here with your email address.

Help and Special Requests

Get technology support from ProCom Technology Advisors. We offer one-on-one appointments as well as online support. View ways of getting help on our get help page.

If you have a specific request regarding access to equipment and technology, please contact James Loney.