LIB 386A: ProCom fleXlab 3

By | November 4, 2019

Do you need technology help?

This lab is managed and supported by ProCom Technology.  Please contact or x. 552594 for assistance.

LIB 386a student view

fleXlab 3 (LIB 386A) is a ProCom-owned teaching space located in the Library Building. This facility can quickly move between lecture and lab configurations. Please email for all technology- and booking-related concerns.

Room features include

Space Features

  • 36 mobile tablet chairs
  • 3x whiteboard surfaces, including one projectable whiteboard surface
    1x fixed projector screen + 2x mobile 65″ LCD TV screens placed around the room to support multiple room configurations. All screens are 1080p (HD).
  • A simplified podium with one iMac (with full Adobe CC suite) and
  • Apple TV for wireless screen sharing
  • 1x instructor stool
  • Power poles for laptop power
  • Generous wifi coverage
  • An eleven-seat mobile MacBook laptop cart (instructors must request access from in advance)

Key Access

ProCom instructors may sign out keys to LIB 386A from a staff member at the library circulation desk.  Keys are loaned out for 3.25 hours at a time and unlock the classroom and closet, where the laptop cart is stored. Contact if you have any access-related questions, or if you require access to the laptop cart.

Instructor/Operator Instructions

  • Login to the instructor iMac using your Ryerson credentials. Please never turn this computer off, just restart it as required. The computer will only permit ProCom instructors to login to it.
  • If the computer has been turned off, the power button can be found on the bottom left hand corner of the iMac.
  • Use the blue buttons beside the projection screen to turn the system on, off, or to adjust volume levels.
  • Two mobile TV carts mirror the projector screen. If they have been turned off and do not automatically start when you turn the projector on, the remote in the closet will turn them on/off.
  • There is no laptop HDMI input for this room. To connect your laptop use Apple AirPlay.
  • Please select the Apple TV option available in the touch screen.
  • In your device, select LIB 386A
  • For extra advice using AirPlay, use this guide: