RCC 205: ProCom fleXlab 1

By | October 7, 2019

Do you need technology help?

This lab is managed and supported by ProCom Technology.  Please contact procomhelp@ryerson.ca or x. 552594 for assistance.

flexlab rcc 205 student flexible seating view
flexlab rcc 205 panopto video streaming station
flexlab rcc 205 presenter view
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fleXlab 1 (RCC 205) is a ProCom-owned teaching space that can quickly move between lecture and lab configurations. Please email procomtech@ryerson.ca for all technology- and booking-related questions.

Room features include:

Space Features:

29 mobile tablet arm chairs
2 swivel guest chairs
Generous power placement around the perimeter of the room, including power in the centre of the room
A card reader to control door access and scheduling. Email procomtech@ryerson.ca if issues arise concerning access/door scheduling.

Technology Features:

A CCS-compatible podium with HDMI input, 1080p projector and integrated Mac Mini
Generous wifi coverage
A 15-seat MacBook laptop cart (instructors must request access from procomtech@ryerson.ca in advance of classes)
Apple AirPlay laptop screen sharing connectivity
Integrated audio/video Panopto webcasting technology on a height-adjustable workstation

Instructor/Operator Instructions

  • Login to the instructor Mac using your Ryerson credentials. Please never turn this computer off, just restart it as required. The computer will only permit ProCom instructors to login to it.
  • If the Mac has been turned off and needs to be manually started, look for the translucent panel inside the podium cabinet marked “Mac Power” and insert a pen to press the power button through the opening. You’ve successfully pressed the button when the Mac produces a sound.
  • Use the small touch screen to control the podium functionality (e.g., audio levels, room lighting, screen mute, etc…)
  • If the projected image appears pink or yellow, quickly refresh the system by switching to the document camera and then back to the Mac.
  • If using AirPlay, Please select the Apple TV option available in the touch screen.
  • For extra advice using AirPlay, use this guide: https://procomtechnology.ca/2019/10/07/airplay-atv/