Adobe After Effects for Promotional Videos

By | June 18, 2017

Why Use Adobe After Effects (Ae)?

You may wonder whether After Effects (Ae) is the appropriate tool for you, or how it compares with Adobe’s related application, Premiere. After all, their interfaces resemble each other, and both use project files which link to external working materials.

However, although Ae shares some similarities with Premiere — and even Audition and Photoshop — in simple terms Ae is better for creating motion graphics and animations (such as titles, keys, and other visual effects) while Premiere is intended to edit such pre-existing clips and render a final video.

The following video provides more additional information.

(Warning: contains a scene of mock violence.)

Ae Templates (free)

When creating your motion graphics, you may wish to customize a template rather than working from scratch. You may find them online or try some of the following links.

“Fullscreen Titles” are animations which occupy the entire field of view, usually used to begin or end a piece. The “Lower Third” on the other hand is a type of key (characters superimposed over video) commonly seen on news or reality television, often to identify a topic or person speaking. “Bumpers and Transitions” are short clips used to move the action from one scene to the next, or to keep different topics separated.

Examples of all three types can be seen throughout this ProCom video:

Tips and Tricks

If you feel ambitious, and want to create motion graphics from scratch rather than use templates, the following video contains a number of useful techniques. Each is explained in a very accessible manner as the presenter moves through the steps of creating a complete video project.

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