RCC 346 Personal Production Suites Technology Setup

By | February 25, 2016


The following guide documents how to configure Adobe Audition to record from the provided microphones in our RCC 346 Personal Production Suites.

Step 1:

Under the Adobe Audition menu, click into “Preferences”. Under “Audio Hardware”, first set the “Master Clock” to “In: Scarlett 2i2 USB”. Afterwards, set your default input to “Scarlett 2i2 USB”. OK these changes.

audition screenshot step 1

Step 2:

Let’s use Track 1 as our voice recording track. Arm the track for recording, by pressing the “R” button. If you see only one bar of audio, this needs to be corrected. To do so, tap the menu beside the right-pointing arrow icon. Set your Scarlet options to Mono, Channel 1.

audition screen shot step 2