In-class Activity: Adobe Audition

By | July 4, 2017


CMN 450: Adobe Audition Activity

Outside of Adobe Audition (preparation):

  • From the finder, make a new folder under Documents call it Audio Activity
  • Find the files in the demo activity folder and copy them to the above folder.


  • Open Audition. Create a new multitrack session and link it to the above folder location via Browse. Set the session to a sample rate of 44100 Khz
  • Go to File and Import. Import the files from the temp-edit folder, drag them to the tracks, mute/solo, zoom in.


Basic Editing Tasks

  • Order the audio files (clips), by dragging them onto tracks. If asked, to change your sample rate, click, OK.
  • Cut the audio clips, remove unwanted gaps, rearrange order of clips as needed. This will work best with the example voice file.
  • Using tracks to layer audio, voices, music, and sound effects: Add cheesy music or other effects.
  • Adjust the volume levels between audio elements with volume modification (zoom in, use the yellow volume level line.

Saving your audio

  • Take a final listen though, make sure there are no undesired clips on (zoom out)
  • Export > Multitrack Mixdown > Entire Session

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