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Panopto settings guide for in-class users

Please verify the following settings to ensure your Panopto recording is of a usable quality. Step 1: Set up the camera and microphone   Confirm that your primary video and audio source are configured as in the image and description below. This will ensure the primary source is capturing your presentation from the room camera… Read More »

Uploading videos to Panopto

This guide assumes that you have recorded and edited a video file (.mp4 or equivalent exported version) that you are ready to submit to your course instructor. The following article documents the upload process using the ProCom Panopto video-hosting platform. [notification type=”alert-info” close=”true” ]Tip: if you don’t want to edit a video in Adobe Premiere… Read More »

Panopto instructor guide

Before class Before your first class, request that students view our brief Panopto introduction:  When a student clicks the above link, Panopto requires them to log in and then authorizes them to access the system. Authorization is automatic, but not instant and should be done before Panopto is needed in a class. During class Step 1 At the Panopto Producer computer… Read More »

Panopto for pre-recorded video presentations

Webcasting Hardware To begin, you’ll need a high quality webcam and a Mac/PC and:. Built-in HD webcam Alternate Option: External HD webcam (if your computer requires it, ProCom staff can lend you a Logitech C920 webcam) Advanced Option: Use a dSLR camera. Consult a ProCom technology staff member for access. Webcam Technique Key take-aways: Don’t… Read More »

RCC 203/205 Panopto recording workflow

  Beginning of class The instructor opens Panopto and logs in using their CAS username and password. All students need to have logged into Panopto before the start of class (doing so will introduce you to the system). Recording a presentation in Panopto Sharing a Panopto presentation This step is optional as some instructors choose to… Read More »

Embeding a Panopto video into D2L Brightspace

Record your Panopto video using the Panopto Recorder application on your desktop computer or iPad (please consult the PC Recorder tutorial, the Mac Recorder tutorial or the iPad tutorial based on your platform). After you have pressed the stop button, click the ‘Manage Online Recordings’ button. This will open up the Panopto web interface. Locate your recording. Hove… Read More »

Logging into Panopto for the first time

The School of Professional Communication makes heavy use of Panopto, a secure Ryerson-hosted presentation recording and distribution system. The purpose of this guide is to document the initial steps you must perform before give your first in-class presentation. Estimated completion time: <2 mins Steps: Before class starts, login to Login with your username and password.… Read More »