Project Management with activeCollab

activeCollab is a team project organization system that keeps track of assigned tasks, work progress, discussions, and deadlines. At ProCom, activeCollab has been subdivided into three operating units known as “companies” (to separate course technology needs from operational needs). activeCollab companies include: ProCom Courses, the ProCom Technology Support group, and […]


Embeding a Panopto video into D2L Brightspace

Record your Panopto video using the Panopto Recorder application on your desktop computer or iPad (please consult the PC Recorder tutorial, the Mac Recorder tutorial or the iPad tutorial based on your platform). After you have pressed the stop button, click the ‘Manage Online Recordings’ button. This will open up the Panopto web […]

Connecting to the CCK printer in VIC 606 (Mac)

Step 1: After you have been approved by for printing access, download the printer drivers for Mac. Install the files to your computer. Copy this text as you’ll need it to complete the video tutorial from Step 2: smb:// Step 2: Watch this tutorial and complete the steps: Please note: […]

Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint setup

All ProCom fleXlabs make use of modern high definition, widescreen projection technology. The screens in these rooms provide presenters with additional space to hold images and text that would not be available with the legacy 4:3 format. By default, PowerPoint does not utilize this newer widescreen technology. To create a presentation that fills […]


Logging into Panopto for the first time

The School of Professional Communication makes heavy use of Panopto, a secure Ryerson-hosted presentation recording and distribution system. The purpose of this guide is to document the initial steps you must perform before give your first in-class presentation. Estimated completion time: <2 mins Steps: Before class starts, login to Login with […]


Panopto iPad App

The following video reviews  how to use the Panopto App for iPads. ProCom iPads are available at the FCAD Equipment Distribution Centre (RCC 166). Instructors will require authorization to use Panopto in advance. Video link.