Stapling with the ProCom Copier

Mac Users: The ProCom copier is able to staple and print two-sided documents. Please complete the following steps from the Printer menu in your application: Step 1: Selected printer PcomMx810de or ProCom Copier Step 2: Navigate to the Printer Features menu Step 3: Set feature sets to Finishing. Step 4: […]


WordPress: privacy settings

By design, WordPress blogs are inherently public. However, has additional privacy controls for you to limit how accessible your blog is to others. To change these from your blog dashboard, click Settings > Reading.   Next, you must select a privacy option for your blog site. Note: if your class […]


WordPress: Editorial workflow

EditFlow offers several features to help you communicate with your team and facilitate campaign planning. It allows you to organize your users into groups to mimic and reflect real organizational structure. Once the groups are established, you can keep track of each post’s publishing workflow. To integrate edit flow: Step […]


WordPress: Events+

Events+ allows you to create and manage any event directly through the WordPress dashboard. It offers over thirty features to help keep track of your event such as event countdowns, RSVP lists, and integrated maps. To integrate Events: Step 1: Add an event Find and click Events on the left […]


PaperCut Account Selection

ProCom CE instructors will now be able to copy and print from the ProCom mailroom. For CUPE instructors who teach both day and CE courses, PaperCut will now automatically pop up and ask what account (day or CE) to charge to. Press print from any application as you normally would. Immediately […]