RCC 370F Media Production Booth

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ProCom BA and MPC students have exclusive access to a sound-isolated media production booth in RCC 370F. The facility, equipped with a 27″ iMac and full Adobe CC 2018 suite, offers students an ideal location for voiceover recording, audio/video editing, online meeting,  and production team collaboration . You can check the schedule and set up a booking below. All bookings are posted on a digital display outside the room door, just remember to check in […]

RCC 370: ProCom Practicum Centre

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The ProCom Practicum Centre (RCC 370) is a technology-enhanced collaboration space designed exclusively for ProCom undergraduate and graduate students. In addition to serving as a collaboration space, the facility is a community space designed for students to use between classes. RCC 370 is a collection of rooms accessible to ProCom students 24/7 via with their OneCard 24/7. On an occasional basis, the space is used to host ProCom community events. Our  indicates if the room is ever not available to students. […]

RCC 207: Studio D

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The School of Journalism at FCAD owns and operates Studio D, a fully-equipped television studio and production space. ProCom has an agreement in place with Journalism to provide our students with access to this space. Studio D is “ready to go” with a green screen, teleprompter, lighting grid, robotic cameras and hardwall cyclorama. The green screen can also be used for dSLR video shoots without the more advanced TV studio features. If you wish to use either the […]

RCC 359A: Visual Computing Lab

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The Visual Computing Lab features 27″ iMac computers intended for document design and image manipulation and vector image creation. When it is not being used for classes (see scheduled outside door), this lab is available on a drop-in basis via OneCard. All computers run the most recent version of Adobe Creative Cloud, including PhotoShop, InDesign and Illustrator. The room features a large format, professional scanner.