Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator training

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Like PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator has a number of features. When using this tool, pick and choose only what you need to get the job done (this course is over 6 hours in length).     Introduction 3m 7s Welcome 1m 12s How to use exercise files 42s How to send feedback 1m 13s 1. Getting Started 38m 14s What is Adobe Illustrator? 2m 22s Installing Illustrator via Creative Cloud 58s Touring the Illustrator interface […]

Adobe InDesign

Poster Dimensions and Settings

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The following guide summarizes the settings you will need to create a 22″ by 17″ (or 17″ by 22″) poster. It reviews how to save a background in PhotoShop (optional) and then how to create a correctly-sized InDesign document. The final step reviews how to save a file that can be printed using professional equipment. Background dimensions in PhotoShop (optional, use only if you have an image background) Step 1: Create a new PhotoShop canvas […]

Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign training

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Like PhotoShop, InDesign is a program packed full of features.  But you only need to use a basic subset of its features, so pick and choose from this 9.5+ hr program as needed. Introduction 7m 10s Welcome 1m 8s Using the exercise files 2m 21s How this course is updated 1m 20s Adjusting the interface: Dark and light 2m 21s 1. Learn InDesign in 30 Minutes 21m 21s Getting started 2m 44s Adding or editing […]

Adobe Photoshop

Introduction to PhotoShop – Advanced Training

Posted Posted in CMN 448, PC 8006, Photoshop has a great PhotoShop for beginners course. But at 10+ hours, don’t watch the entire course! Rather, use this list to find the features that appeal to your design strategy and only take in what you need.     Opening an image from Photoshop or Bridge 7m 2s Opening an image in Camera Raw 5m 31s Navigating your image 29s A few top-secret scrolling tricks 3m 57s Switching between open images 5m 8s Panels […]

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud: Purchasing options for non-Ryerson computers

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ProCom courses do not require students to purchase a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud. However, a small portion of our student population does find this option appealing. Information on a month-to-month Adobe Creative Cloud subscription is available here. We advise not purchasing a subscription until shortly before you need it to start assignments. Finally, a reminder that all faulty and students can sign out MacBook Pros loaded with Adobe CC from the cage for 2-day […]