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Advanced: Adobe After Effects (animation)

Adobe After effects enables you to create animations. In this course, we will use it for advanced full-screen animations and custom name keys to identify on-camera talent. Consult the playlist for a beginner-oriented After Effects tutorial: A note on templates: often times, it doesn’t make sense to create a title key from scratch. In these… Read More » training resources

To aid you in producing videos for CMN 324, a playlist has been curated. Review all that you might need to get up and running, but don’t watch all of the tutorials as they are quite long (10+ hours in some cases). CMN 324 Lynda Playlist. Instructions for those who haven’t registered for access.

Convert multiple images into a multi-page PDF

Use this guide to convert multiple images (JPEGs, PNGs, GIFs) into a multi-page PDF document. Step 1: Save your image as either a JPG of PNG file. Be sure to use medium to high quality settings. Step 2: Use to produce a PDF. Step 3: Upload this to our instructor’s desired platform.

ProCom web hosting

Download FileZilla. This is the tool you will use to upload files from your computer to our web hosting server. Login using the following from a desktop lab computer inside the RCC. If you have not logged in using an RUAD account ( account), create it from a lab computer (first-time password is your student number).… Read More »

Poster Dimensions and Settings

The following guide summarizes the settings you will need to create a 22″ by 17″ (or 17″ by 22″) poster. It reviews how to save a background in PhotoShop (optional) and then how to create a correctly-sized InDesign document. The final step reviews how to save a file that can be printed using professional equipment.… Read More »