Personal Production Suite

RCC 346 Personal Production Suites Technology Setup

Introduction The following guide documents how to configure Adobe Audition to record from the provided microphones in our RCC 346 Personal Production Suites. Step 1: Under the Adobe Audition menu, click into “Preferences”. Under “Audio Hardware”, first set the “Master Clock” to “In: Scarlett 2i2 USB”. Afterwards, set your default […]

Shure VP83F external microphone

Recording Audio for Video with an External Microphone

Introduction When recording with digital cameras, such as the Canon T5i “EOS Rebel” or Sony RX-100 “Cyber-Shot”, you will find the onboard microphone quality is inferior compare to the video quality. To capture better sound, you must use a dedicated microphone such as the Shure VP83F. This microphone allows for superior and highly […]

Zoom Handy Recorder App

CMN 210 (CI): Location Sound Recording

The following text documents how you may use your mobile phones (Android and iPhones) to record and edit location sound. For a more advanced workflow, considering using the web-based Soundtrap app. Just be sure to login with your Ryerson organizational gmail address. iOS recording options Handy Recorder app Steps: Record […]


HTML/CSS Boostrap demo

In-class exercise for modifying a Bootstrap page/theme:   Download Bootstrap: When you develop your Boostrap website, use this pre-compiled version of Bootstrap. Add your html, images and any custom CSS to the top level of the folder. Or, you can download the full version of boostrap (source), with demo files (and […]