Shure VP83F external microphone

Recording Audio for Video with an External Microphone

Introduction When recording with digital cameras, such as the Canon T5i “EOS Rebel” or Sony RX-100 “Cyber-Shot”, you will find the onboard microphone quality is inferior compare to the video quality. To capture better sound, you must use a dedicated microphone such as the Shure VP83F. This microphone allows for superior and highly […]

Adobe Premiere

Exporting video in Premiere Pro

As with Adobe Audition, a Premiere project can’t just be uploaded to WordPress or another video hosting platform. The following tutorial reviews the basics of compression for the web and provides you with the necessary background information to select the best settings for your web video. Note: ProCom courses typically use h.264 […]

Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere Introduction

Video Tutorial: in-class demo Check this brief tutorials out for a basic introduction to Adobe Premiere.   Hardware: Video/Audio Resources The following is a list of equipment you’ll find useful in creating your video. For a complete list, please visit out equipment page. FCAD Cameras: Canon T5i DSLR Available with tripods, […]