Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere Introduction

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Video Tutorial: in-class demo Check this brief tutorials out for a basic introduction to Adobe Premiere.   Hardware: Video/Audio Resources The following is a list of equipment you’ll find useful in creating your video. For a complete list, please visit out equipment page. FCAD Cameras: Canon T5i DSLR Available with tripods, lenses, and SD cards (note that you are a ProCom student requesting a ProCom SD Card). View the instructional video to learn more about the […]


How to create custom stamps for Snapchat

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Creating your stamp Adding a custom stamp to the Snapchat system can be fun and engaging. Now with geofilters Snapchat allows you to upload a stamp to their system that users load at a specific location and time. Snapchat offers some templates and a system to create your own, but in this post we are going to learn how to create a completely custom stamp from the ground up using Adobe’s Photoshop. Your first step […]

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe CC Subscription Options for Students

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While the current license agreement prevents ProCom/Ryerson from giving away Adobe CC licenses to students, Adobe does offer post secondary education students a number of paid subscription options. Tip: Between our labs and production laptops that you can sign out from the RCC 166 Cage,  you may find that you don’t need an Adobe CC license, so wait for classes to start before making any purchase. Official Adobe Documentation Full Package $25.79/month For the first year […]

RCC 359A: Visual Computing Lab

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The Visual Computing Lab features 27″ iMac computers intended for document design and image manipulation and vector image creation. When it is not being used for classes (see scheduled outside door), this lab is available on a drop-in basis via OneCard. All computers run the most recent version of Adobe Creative Cloud, including PhotoShop, InDesign and Illustrator. The room features a large format, professional scanner.


Website design using Upfront and

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Upfront is a WordPress theme that allows users to quickly build websites without HTML or CSS coding. The Upfront designers have written a number of brief “quick start” guides to get you up and running with this tool: Part 1: The Basics, Theme Colors and Typography Part 2: Structuring Your Site with Regions Part 3: Laying Out Your Site with Elements Part 4: Tweaking Elements and Custom Code Part 5: Adding Plugins and Styling Gravity Forms […]

Personal Production Suite

RCC 346 Personal Production Suites Technology Setup

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Introduction The following guide documents how to configure Adobe Audition to record from the provided microphones in our RCC 346 Personal Production Suites. Step 1: Under the Adobe Audition menu, click into “Preferences”. Under “Audio Hardware”, first set the “Master Clock” to “In: Scarlett 2i2 USB”. Afterwards, set your default input to “Scarlett 2i2 USB”. OK these changes. Step 2: Let’s use Track 1 as our voice recording track. Arm the track for recording, by […]

Shure VP83F external microphone

Recording Audio for Video with an External Microphone

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Introduction When recording with digital cameras, such as the Canon T5i “EOS Rebel” or Sony RX-100 “Cyber-Shot”, you will find the onboard microphone quality is inferior compare to the video quality. To capture better sound, you must use a dedicated microphone such as the Shure VP83F. This microphone allows for superior and highly directional recording, as it uses a super-cardioid pickup pattern, reducing noise from the sides and behind the shooter. It includes a shock mount assembly to […]