Presentation Timer RCC 205

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RCC 205 features a presentation timer system that has been hardwired into the room.   Step 1: Look for the access code (top left of countdown timer monitor) and enter it into the web page. Please note that the access code changes daily. Step 2: This system allows multiple users to access the timer controls concurrently (use case example: an instructor can record timing information while the production station operator operates the timer). Step […]


Panopto settings guide for in-class users

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Please verify the following settings to ensure your Panopto recording is of a usable quality. Step 1: Set up the camera and microphone   Confirm that your primary video and audio source are configured as in the image and description below. This will ensure the primary source is capturing your presentation from the room camera and the microphones at the front of the room. Confirm your recording quality is set to ultra.   Video: HD […]


Panopto for pre-recorded video presentations

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Webcasting Hardware To begin, you’ll need a high quality webcam and a Mac/PC and:. Webcam Technique Key take-aways: Don’t look down to the webcam, look up Make sure the light source is in front of you, never behind Panopto Installation Panopto Editing Uploading Assignments We’ve written a quick guide to walk you through the process. Note: Consult Section 2 – Recording to an assignment folder


RCC 203/205 Panopto recording workflow

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  Beginning of class The instructor opens Panopto and logs in using their CAS username and password. All students need to have logged into Panopto before the start of class (doing so will introduce you to the system). Recording a presentation in Panopto Sharing a Panopto presentation This step is optional as some instructors choose to do this on their own outside of class. Check with your instructor to see if this is necessary in your […]

Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint setup

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All ProCom fleXlabs make use of modern high definition, widescreen projection technology. The screens in these rooms provide presenters with additional space to hold images and text that would not be available with the legacy 4:3 format. By default, PowerPoint does not utilize this newer widescreen technology. To create a presentation that fills the entire screen, follow these simple steps. Mac To create a Widescreen PowerPoint Presentation when starting a new document, select the highlighted option on the […]


Logging into Panopto for the first time

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The School of Professional Communication makes heavy use of Panopto, a secure Ryerson-hosted presentation recording and distribution system. The purpose of this guide is to document the initial steps you must perform before give your first in-class presentation. Estimated completion time: <2 mins Steps: Before class starts, login to Login with your username and password. If you prefer to receive an email when your presentations are ready to play back, click your username > User Settings and check […]