Premiere and Google Drive

Exporting and uploading completed videos

Step 1: Export your video from Premiere and optimize it for YouTube settings (be sure to make note of the location you save to and identify your group in the filename). Quick tutorial: Step 2: Take the file you just saved and attach it to a new Gmail message. Gmail […]

Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects for Promotional Videos

Why Use Adobe After Effects (Ae)? You may wonder whether After Effects (Ae) is the appropriate tool for you, or how it compares with Adobe’s related application, Premiere. After all, their interfaces resemble each other, and both use project files which link to external working materials. However, although Ae shares […]

Shure VP83F external microphone

Recording Audio for Video with an External Microphone

Introduction When recording with digital cameras, such as the Canon T5i “EOS Rebel” or Sony RX-100 “Cyber-Shot”, you will find the onboard microphone quality is inferior compare to the video quality. To capture better sound, you must use a dedicated microphone such as the Shure VP83F. This microphone allows for superior and highly […]

Adobe After Effects

Advanced: Adobe After Effects (animation)

Adobe After effects enables you to create animations. In this course, we will use it for advanced full-screen animations and custom name keys to identify on-camera talent. Consult the playlist for a beginner-oriented After Effects tutorial: A note on templates: often times, it doesn’t make sense to create a title […] training resources

To aid you in producing videos for CMN 324, a playlist has been curated. Review all that you might need to get up and running, but don’t watch all of the tutorials as they are quite long (10+ hours in some cases). CMN 324 Lynda Playlist. Instructions for those who […]