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CMN 210 includes a number of technology resources that will initiate your technology learning process here at ProCom.

Introduction to Audio In-class session

Exploring the fundamentals of audio. Learn about levels, how sounds is shaped, microphone polar patterns, different recording technologies, and the fundamentals of editing multitrack audio with the Adobe Audition digital audio workstation.

Audio Recording Activity (In-class)

Audio Recording “Cheat Sheet” What is sound? Vibrations in the atmosphere. How do we hear? Perceiving vibrations by eardrum. How do microphones work? Diaphragm in mic emulates the eardrum, converted to impulses. Audio can be recorded “mono” (monophonic) and “stereo” (stereophonic), as with voice or music. Mic pickup patterns include omni (spherical around mic) and… Read More »

Adobe Creative Cloud: Purchasing options for non-Ryerson computers

ProCom courses do not require students to purchase a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud. However, a small portion of our student population does find this option appealing. Information on a month-to-month Adobe Creative Cloud subscription is available here. We advise not purchasing a subscription until shortly before you need it to start assignments. Finally, a… Read More »

WordPress: privacy settings

By design, WordPress blogs are inherently public. However, has additional privacy controls for you to limit how accessible your blog is to others. To change these from your blog dashboard, click Settings > Reading.   Next, you must select a privacy option for your blog site. Note: if your class is using an aggregator blog,… Read More »

Registering for

All students in FCAD courses have free access to, a professional video training database with videos and files that you can follow along with at your own pace. Videos range from basic introduction to programs like PhotoShop and Premiere to advanced uses of specific features. Topics such as business negotiation, presentation skills and project… Read More »

WordPress: Adding a portfolio to your blog

Nimble Portfolio is used to build media galleries that showcase your design work, photography, filmography, or any other project you wish to display on your WordPress website. To integrate Nimble Portfolio, navigate to: Step 1: Set portfolio filters The NimblePortfolio tab is found along the left sidebar on your WordPress dashboard. Hover the mouse over… Read More »