CMN 210 (CI) Resources

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CMN 210 – Text, Image, and Sound makes use of image editing software, audio editing software and blogging tools. All hardware resources are distributed from the RCC 166 FCAD Equipment Distribution Centre. Reference the menu below to find more about the equipment available to you and how to access them.


Selecting your microphone for the Zoom H6 field recorder.

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Our field recorders are available from the RCC 166 cage, but you must reserve your microphone(s) in addition to the recorder body and SD card. The Zoom H6 contains a port at the front to plug in one stereo microphone module and 4 XLR inputs on the side for additional mono microphones to be used (the latter is a more advanced feature). We have a variety of Zoom stereo microphones that snaps on directly to the front of the […]

The Cage

What Equipment Can I Sign Out?

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All students registered for the ProCom BA or MPC programs have access to technology resources at the RCC 166 EDC cage. These include: FCAD Cameras: Canon T5i DSLR Available with tripods, lenses, and SD cards (note that you are a ProCom student requesting a ProCom SD Card). View the instructional video to learn more about the Canon T5i.     FCAD Audio: ZOOM H4n Audio Recorders. Handheld field recording to an SD card. View the […]

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe CC Subscription Options for Students

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While the current license agreement prevents ProCom/Ryerson from giving away Adobe CC licenses to students, Adobe does offer post secondary education students a number of paid subscription options. Tip: Between our labs and production laptops that you can sign out from the RCC 166 Cage,  you may find that you don’t need an Adobe CC license, so wait for classes to start before making any purchase. Official Adobe Documentation Full Package $25.79/month For the first year […]

RCC 359A: Visual Computing Lab

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The Visual Computing Lab features 27″ iMac computers intended for document design and image manipulation and vector image creation. When it is not being used for classes (see scheduled outside door), this lab is available on a drop-in basis via OneCard. All computers run the most recent version of Adobe Creative Cloud, including PhotoShop, InDesign and Illustrator. The room features a large format, professional scanner.

Zoom Handy Recorder App

CMN 210 (CI): Location Sound Recording

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The following text documents how you may use your mobile phones (Android and iPhones) to record and edit location sound. For a more advanced workflow, considering using the web-based Soundtrap app. Just be sure to login with your Ryerson organizational gmail address. iOS recording options Handy Recorder app Steps: Record your sound into the app. You can either use your phone’s internal microphone, or use an iRig Mic Cast from the RCC 166 cage.   […]