Panopto settings guide for in-class users

By | September 22, 2017

Please verify the following settings to ensure your Panopto recording is of a usable quality.

Step 1: Set up the camera and microphone

Panopto setup

Confirm that your primary video and audio source are configured as in the image and description below. This will ensure the primary source is capturing your presentation from the room camera and the microphones at the front of the room. Confirm your recording quality is set to ultra.

Panopto primary sources

Video: HD Video 1
Audio: Line (USB)
Quality: Ultra

 Camera operation tips: use the joystick to test that it is set to Camera 1. To zoom, turn the textured ring at the top of the joystick


Step 2: Set up presentation/slide capture

Set-up your secondary source to capture the projected image outputted by the Podium computer. This will be a secondary video feed to compliment the camera that was set up in the previous step. Confirm that the secondary source checkboxes are left unchecked and that “HD Video 2” is present on the list as illustrated in the image below.

Panopto secondary sources

If “HD Video 2” is not present, click on the “Add Another Video Source button”. When active, you will see your camera feed on the smaller panel of the top left, and your presentation on the larger, right side panel of the screen. Make sure to select the appropriate folder and to name your presentation accordingly. These appear beside the yellow arrows in the image below.

Panopto setup


You have now configured Panopto! Record your presentation using the red “record” button.