Selecting your microphone for the Zoom H6 field recorder.

By | October 17, 2016

Our field recorders are available from the RCC 166 cage, but you must reserve your microphone(s) in addition to the recorder body and SD card. The Zoom H6 contains a port at the front to plug in one stereo microphone module and 4 XLR inputs on the side for additional mono microphones to be used (the latter is a more advanced feature). We have a variety of Zoom stereo microphones that snaps on directly to the front of the H6. The following microphones are available from the cage, so pick the one best suited to your recording needs.

XY pattern

This will work for the vast majority of your audio needs. This microphone captures the sound directly, in front and beside you. This particular microphone “direction” picks up a lot of detail and is great for recording sound immediately in front of you.



This microphone is for a more focused sound. It’s designed to block out the sounds directly beside and behind it, and only capture the sounds directly straight of where you aim it. This helps for recording speech at a distance and reducing background noise in your environment.



This microphone is a bit more advanced and few of you will use it. The mid-side mic is like two microphones in one. It captures the audio in front of the microphone in one main stereo channel, and then captures a second stereo recording of the sides. This allows you to expand and contract the side sounds in post-production software, but the second audio source requires additional software to be heard and unlock the feature to manipulate it. More info on this microphone here.



These will help reduce unwanted noise from wind and other harsh sounds. They just slip on the microphone, but each microphone has a specific sized windsock to suit the shape of microphone (for example, if you are booking an XY pattern microphone, you’ll need the XY windsock). Windsocks are not only beneficial to outdoor recording, but they are mandatory if you are recording outside.



In the event that our Zoom H6s are not available at your time of booking, try using the Zoom H4N. This is a great alternate as they are very similar to the H6s and will be able to handle all your project needs.