Panopto instructor guide

Before class

Before your first class, request that students view our brief Panopto introduction:  When a student clicks the above link, Panopto requires them to log in and then authorizes them to access the system. Authorization is automatic, but not instant and should be done before Panopto is needed in a class.

During class

step 1

Step 1

At the Panopto Producer computer (not the podium computer), the course instructors logs into the Panopto application with their CAS username and password.



step 2Step 2

Before any recordings are made, the student operator checks through Panopto with the pre-flight checklist (hardcopy left at the producer station). Note: Panopto automatically remembers the last settings used, but this guarantees that all Panopto recordings are done at the highest quality possible. This only needs to be done once at the beginning of class.


step 3Step 3

The student “producer” operating Panopto records each presentation into the appropriate course folder. The process will repeat for each presenter.

Watch the instructional video students use (6 min)


The following steps are optional and may or may not be performed by all instructors in-class.

step 4 Step 4

In some classes, the instructor delegates video sharing responsibilities to a designated student. If this is the case in your class, have them share the video with the presenter. If not, you can down this after you review each Panopto recording. The following link can be shared with students if you’d like to delegate video sharing duties.

Watch how to share videos with presenters (2 min)
step 5

Step 5

In some classes, the instructor will need to play back presentation recordings in-class. If this is the case for you, login to from the podium computer and play presentations from your course folder in Panopto. Tip: recently-recorded presentations appear as soon as you log in to Panopto. If you need to access older content, look for your course section folder on the left.