LIB386A Epson Touch Screen Instructions

step 1Power on computer, if needed (power button located at the bottom of the right side of the screen).





step 2Power on Epson Smartboard (power button located on wall panel adjacent to the smartboard)

epson c


step 3Login at the computer (follow screen prompts and input your Ryerson account details). If the image on the screen is not displaying from the projector push the ‘Source Search’ button located in the upper left corner of the Epson control panel on the wall.

Screen control:

lib386ascreeoptionsFrom the Windows desktop, use the icons to decide whether you’d like to mirror your screen (output the image of the computer onto the projector screen) or extend the desktop (use the projector as a second display).







step 4To switch between the digital whiteboard and the computer push the “Whiteboard” button located in the centre of the Epson control panel. You can draw on both the whiteboard and the projected computer display by turning on the Epson styli (power buttons on side) in the tray at the base of the screen.

A full array of drawing tools can be found by clicking the hovering arrow icon on the screen next to the control panel.


step 5To shut down the Projector, push the power button located in the upper right corner of the control panel and wait for the prompt to appear on screen. Then push the power button a second time to confirm that you’re shutting down the projector.