ProCom web hosting

By | January 18, 2016
  1. Download FileZilla. This is the tool you will use to upload files from your computer to our web hosting server.
  2. Login using the following from a desktop lab computer inside the RCC. If you have not logged in using an RUAD account ( account), create it from a lab computer (first-time password is your student number). Open up FileZilla and enter:
    1. host:
    2. username: your RUAD username
    3. password: your RUAD password
    4. port: 22
  3. Create a directory called public_html. Upload the contents of your website development folder. For example, if you were developing my website in a folder called “demo”, you would locate its contents and drag them into /public_html/ inside FileZilla.
  4. Access your site like this:[yourusernamegoeshere]. Remember that the index.html page loads as the homepage for your website.