WordPress: Using Bootsrap to add custom design elements to your blog

The Bootstrap Plugin consists of using easy shortcodes to add elements to your WordPress page. The plugin tools can be found in the text editing toolbar when adding or editing a page.

To integrate Bootstrap Plugin:

Step 1: Enter page editing mode
Enter page editing mode by clicking on Pages in the left sidebar of the WordPress dashboard. Under All Pages, run your mouse over the page you wish to edit, then click Edit.

Enter page editing mode
Page editing mode

Step 2: Add features!
All features can be found on top of the body editing section. Each button simply provides a code that inserts itself into the text. For example, to add a badge, I click on the Badge Shortcode button Рit is a blue square with a number one within it. It will then prompt me to select a background colour as well as add content. Once the details are filled out, click Insert Badge. Notice there is now a shortcode within the body text. Click Update (to the right of the page), then View Page. The badge you have just created should now appear on the page. Remember, all Bootstrap Plugin buttons appear in the bar directly above the text editing section. Experiment with the options and see what you can create!

Add shortcode to body of text
Example of a shortcode – this example renders a badge button
View end product on page
Example of a basic badge created with the Bootstrap plugin