WordPress: Google Analytics Guide

By | September 10, 2015

Google Analytics provides information on site traffic, how visitors use your site, and where your visitors are from. The statistics provided by Google Analytics can help you improve your site and visitor experience.
To integrate Google Analytics:

Step 1: Login to Google Account 

Locate Google Analytics in the left sidebar (under the Settings menu) in the WordPress dashboard. Under the heading Basic Site Tracking Settings, click the button Login with google account and get access code. Once on the redirected page, click Accept. Copy the code you are given.

Step 2: Input access code

Return to the original google analytics page on WordPress. Paste the code into the empty bar. Click Authorize.

Step 3: Create a Google Analytics profile

Click the link provided under the Site Tracking Code section. In the top right corner, click Sign in to Google Analytics.

Create new Google Analytics profile

Step 4: View Reports

Sign in to your analytics account. To view real-time reports, select the Reporting tab, then select Real Time. Click Overview.