WordPress: Events+

Events+ allows you to create and manage any event directly through the WordPress dashboard. It offers over thirty features to help keep track of your event such as event countdowns, RSVP lists, and integrated maps.
To integrate Events:

Step 1: Add an event
Find and click Events on the left sidebar. Or, hover the mouse over Events and click Add Event from the pop-out menu.

Events1, add new event
Events menu

Step 2: Fill event details

Begin by giving your event a title. In the event description, answer questions such as what the event is and why it is taking place. In the right sidebar, fill out the suggested details such as date, time, RSVP acceptance, and event location. Under the body paragraph is a section titled Event RSVPs, which is where all attendees will be listed for you to see.

Events2, fill event details
Right sidebar of the events page requesting event details

Step 3: Event Add-Ons
The Events plugin offers over thirty extra add-ons that meet your event needs. Click under Settings in the left toolbar, then Add-Ons. You will see a long list of add-ons such as Event Countdown, Event Cancellation, Limited Capacity, and Event Maps. Simply check the box next to the add-ons you would like to add, then click Activate Selected near the top of the page.

Events3, event add-ons
Ensure root slug has the same name as the page on which you want the event to appear

Step 4: Add Event to Page
Once the event is created, choose the page on which you would like it to appear. Click under Settings, then Plugin Settings. There will be a section saying “set your root slug here”, followed by an area for you to type in. In that section, type the page name you want the event to appear. Ensure that the page is created with the same exact name. Save changes, then visit the page and see your event!