WordPress: Contact Forms plugin

Contact makes it easy to add contact forms to any page of your WordPress site.

To integrate Contact:

Step 1: Add New Form
Find Contact in the left sidebar of your WordPress dashboard. In the pop-out menu, click Add New. Once on the redirected page, click the blue Add New button.

Add new contact form
Contact menu
Fill contact form details
Copy the shortcode (highlighted in blue) to the page on which you want the form to appear

Step 2: Fill Details
Add the title of your contact form in the bar at the top. The code in the body paragraph section will render a basic contact form. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

Step 3: Add Form to a Page

After clicking Save, you will be given a shortcode, highlighted in blue. Copy and paste this shortcode into the body section of the page you wish the form to be on. Click Save, and visit the page to view the form.

Step 4: Add-ons
If your contact form requires more sections, simply click on one of the available add-ons found found on the editing page of your form. Each add-on will prompt you to fill out information before providing you with the shortcode. To guide you with this step, each add-on provides a link to an external page with listed instructions (the link is highlighted in blue). Click Insert Tag, then Save. There is no need to re-copy and paste the shortcode. The shortcode remains the same as it pulls updated information from the contact form.

Build form by using add-ons
Example of an add-on to customize your form