WordPress: Adding a portfolio to your blog

Nimble Portfolio is used to build media galleries that showcase your design work, photography, filmography, or any other project you wish to display on your WordPress website.

To integrate Nimble Portfolio, navigate to:

NimblePortfolio1, access nimble portfolio tab
Nimble portfolio menu

Step 1: Set portfolio filters
The NimblePortfolio tab is found along the left sidebar on your WordPress dashboard. Hover the mouse over the tab and click Filters from the pop-out menu. Filters act the same way categories do for blog posts. They help organize your portfolio items and allow your site visitors to filter your portfolio based on what they want to see. All the filters you add will be listed across the top of your portfolio, where your users can simply click to filter.

Step 2: Add portfolio items
Once you have established your filters, click on Add a Portfolio Item under the Nimble Portfolio tab. Fill out the title of the item. The body paragraph section is where you can include a description of the specific item. In the bottom right corner, upload a featured image under the Set Featured Image link. This image will act as a thumbnail for this particular item in the portfolio grid. Then, select the filter(s) you want this item to be a part of.

Under the Options section, upload an image or video URL. This will play when a thumbnail is clicked from the grid, or upload a link to an external portfolio that already exists. You can add as many portfolio items as you wish.

Step 3: Add portfolio to a page
Visit the editing mode of the page you wish your portfolio to be posted on. In the text editing toolbar, notice the orange Nimble Portfolio icon. Click the icon to receive the shortcode (A shortcode is anything that happens between square brackets in the body of your text and adds a feature to your page). This shortcode will pull everything you have from your NimblePortfolio onto the desired page.

Add portfolio items
Button to insert Nimble Portfolio shortcode, found in the text editing toolbar

Step 4: Visit page to view portfolio
Visit the page you added the shortcode to in order to view the portfolio. Change the look of your portfolio by installing paid add-ons to change layouts, animations, and popups. View add-ons here: http://demo.nimble3.com/nimble-portfolio/. In the example below, there is one filter titled Graphics, and two items are listed in the portfolio.

Nimble Portfolio example
Sample portfolio: One filter, two items